Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures!!! :D


Hey guys, I finally uploaded pictures from my camera onto my new computer, so here is a picture of my Necron army. That's the 2000 point army I took to the Conquest GT.

This is a picture of Wesley Cogdal's Nurgle army. I played him in round 4, and he went on to win the tournament. He is a comission painter on a site called Stiff Neck Studios, so if you live in the Pacific Northwest and want your army professionally painted, check it out. He's also a really cool guy and a very good player.

This is the Tau army I faced in round 5. There was very nice blending on the paint job.

This is the Eldar army that came second at the tournament.

This is a nicely painted Marine army that I figured I would include as well. I love the paint scheme on this army; does anyone know what chapter that is? 
Anyhoo, I have been really busy lately and haven't had a lot of time for 40k. Hopefully that will change and I intend to write up some battle reports (I took pictures of the last two games) though I don't remember a lot so they'll be mostly pictures.