Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures!!! :D


Hey guys, I finally uploaded pictures from my camera onto my new computer, so here is a picture of my Necron army. That's the 2000 point army I took to the Conquest GT.

This is a picture of Wesley Cogdal's Nurgle army. I played him in round 4, and he went on to win the tournament. He is a comission painter on a site called Stiff Neck Studios, so if you live in the Pacific Northwest and want your army professionally painted, check it out. He's also a really cool guy and a very good player.

This is the Tau army I faced in round 5. There was very nice blending on the paint job.

This is the Eldar army that came second at the tournament.

This is a nicely painted Marine army that I figured I would include as well. I love the paint scheme on this army; does anyone know what chapter that is? 
Anyhoo, I have been really busy lately and haven't had a lot of time for 40k. Hopefully that will change and I intend to write up some battle reports (I took pictures of the last two games) though I don't remember a lot so they'll be mostly pictures.


  1. It's the Nova Marines - I strongly considered doing that army at one time.

  2. Monkey your army looks nice man, not as many Destroyers as I'd personally like - how many points btw?

    The Plague Marine army is sweet - lot of FW models there, was the Nurgle Drone things used as is or proxy for something?

    Tau is very, red lol.

    Eldar are sharp, nice paint. Army looks like mine for what I can see but add brightlances instead of shuri cannons.

    Marine army looks striking.

  3. That was 2000 points. I agree about the lack of destroyers; I'd prefer more but I couldn't find the points for it.

    Wesley used the Nurgle Drones as Obliterators.

  4. Bummer you've spent nearly half your points on none Necron models lol :( .

    How'd you do in the tournament?

  5. Actually it was over half my points in non-Necron models, and I didn't regret it.

    1 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and a draw that should've been a win.

    So not nearly as well as I'd have liked, I'm hoping to have a better showing at the GT this weekend.