Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here is what I have to deal with

This is one of two GTs being held here in Vancouver this summer:

Here is the main part that I'll copy and paste from the site.

The tournament is scored out of 200 points as follows:
78 points - Game Play
60 points - Sportsmanship
30 points - Appearance
20 points - Composition
10 points - Army List
2 points - Bonus for submitting your Army List prior to the event.
5th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules will be used. 

 If the Codex is available for your army you must use it and have it with you during all games, along with your army list for use as a reference.

Some Chapter Approved articles may be used. You must have the Chapter Approved book or the White Dwarf magazine with these rules with you if you want to use them in your games. See the FAQ page for a complete list of all approved additions.
Vehicles from the Imperial Armour books will be allowed.

Note: You are still limited to a single Force Organization chart for your army - so no Super-Heavy vehicles are allowed.

 Special Characters WILL be allowed.

The rules for Flyers in the Apocalypse expansion book WILL be used.

 VDR vehicles are being allowed - subject to the approval of the organizers. Stats and photos of your VDR creations must be submitted for approval no later than one month prior to the event. Email the stats and photos of your VDR creations to: VDR creations should be added to your army to enhance its theme - not for the purposes of power-gaming. The organizers reserve the right to disallow any VDR entry deemed to be inappropriate.

Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if there were real tournaments held in Vancouver, but there aren't. If I want to go to Vegas I have to qualify at either this or at the Conquest GT (which hasn't posted its rules online yet). I have my fingers crossed that the Conquest tournie will be legit.


  1. They have the same thing going on in Toronto. I love visiting Canada, but not for this.

  2. In retrospect this was a pretty whiny post. I am thankful to the TOs for runing the tourney, even if it doesn't fit my style. Most Canadians prefer "softer" tourneys with lots of non-battle scores so I can't really blame them for catering to the majority.

  3. VDR... have some fun with that !


  4. The thing I'm worried about with VDR is that someone could make a vehicle that's completely broken but it's not obvious at first.