Monday, May 31, 2010

MOM Playing... Blood Angels?

So a buddy of mine has 3 razorbacks (TL-Las), 3 rhinos, 2 predators, a dreadnought, 1 LRC, 2 Godhammer LRs, 3(?) speeders, and a bunch of tactical marines that he is selling. I could get some of these for pretty cheap and I'm wondering if I should make a Marine army out of them. It would probably be Blood Angels since they do mech the best IMO.

I'm very tempted, but I still have to finish my Orks. Someone needs to talk me out of it. lol

BTW I hope to be posting some pictures of my Necrons and my WIP Orks. My explanations for the codex rankings should be out within the next couple days, and I plan on doing a comparison between the SW and BA codices. Then I have to get back to work on the Necron tactica.


  1. BA do *their* version of mech best. Typically short range/assault oriented or heavy on the Razorspam. You could do vanilla or even BT with that no problem.

  2. Dont play mech. BA are perfectly fine without it... well except for teh sexy Stormraven.


  3. The reason I would be doing mech is that he is selling a bunch of vehicles and no jump packers. I'm probably not going to buy the army though. It was one of those impulse things.