Friday, September 3, 2010

The WAAC Accusation

Okay guys, time to get my monthly post out of the way now. I intend to change that to once a week.

The term WAAC (win at all costs) is thrown around a lot these days. Generally it's used to describe someone who brought a good list and knows how to use it. In other words, a competitive gamer.

But let's take a closer look at the acronym. Win at all costs (with emphasis on all) should mean that someone will literally do anything if it gets them closer to a win, and they'll do everything they can to get that W. So, by definition a WAAC gamer is someone who slips cocaine into their opponents' water bottles and cheats. Their army must also be painted by the best painter in the world, and have a full-length movie directed by James Cameron to explain the fluff (this will gain points from fluff bunnies).

If they don't do these things, they do not fit the definition of "win at all costs".

I am going to start calling people out on this whenever I see them use the term WAAC because it's annoying.


  1. Nice post and exactly my thoughts. A WAAC gamer is someone who cheats and pulls sneaky tactics and even lets the opponent slip up and not mention i.e not casting that psychic power.

    I take good lists (I think so) and I know how to use them - does this make me a WAAC? No it doesn't. I win on skill and if someone makes a blinding mistake i.e not moving that model and I notice it, then I will tell them.

    WAAC are ones who take advantage of everything forgot or not done and situations. Competitive gamers like to win on skill, someone not moving something or doing something is giving you a advantage you don't want.

  2. More scrubs crying about losing rather than improving themselves. Same shit, new buzzword.

  3. I had someone crying about my DC army last week...



  4. I'm a total noob! In my noob experience, I see someone as "WAAC", as someone who cheats. In my very short time playing I've witnessed this twice.

    I've lost ALOT of games, never have I lost to a WAAC player. All my losses were to really good players who are just a heck of alot better than I am.

    As far as I understand, Learning and building a competitive list and having a desire to win is what the game is about. Who plays games to lose?