Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Half-assed Update

^Get it?^
O hai everyone.

I haven't really been posting very much these days. No excuses, I just don't really feel like posting. I've got plenty of ideas for things to post though. : P

You probably noticed I added a poll feature. The results were very interesting. Perfect spread between 2000, 1850-1750 and 1500 was not what I was expecting. I thought 1500 would be favoured less.

I'm going to a 1500 point tournament on Sunday, bringing the usual Necrons. Here's my list:

2x 10 Warriors
2x 3 Destroyers
5 Scarabs
2 Monoliths

At 1500 I think I'd prefer a Destroyer Lord over the Deceiver so I could get more Scarabs and Destroyers, but I don't have a Destroyer Lord model, so I'll be running this.

EDIT: Just found this site; it's a cool mathhammer type thing for various 40k weapons. Worth taking a look at if you haven't before.

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