Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tournament Summary

Last night I arrived home from a party at 3:00 AM, baked out of my mind. Of course, this is not exactly the best way to prepare for a tournament.

The tourney started at 10:00. So I wake up and arrive and I was basically a zombie. In my first game I was half-asleep with a nasty weed hangover. I played against Tau and all I remember is that I phased out. Can't really comment since I have no idea what happened.

Lunch break I have a coffee and an Advil which seemed to fix my brain.

Second round I was against mech Marines with 2 vindicators. The primary was 4-objective seize ground and the secondary was to kill more units than your opponent in CC. I had great rolls against his vehicles, destroying almost all of them, while his Vindicators were simply unable to penetrate my Monoliths. Ended up with a major victory for me.

Third round was against a fluff-oriented foot Daemonhunters army. Primary was table quarters and I can't remember what the secondary was. Almost killed everything but finished with a major win.

All three of my opponents were great and I had a blast. Of course, small tournaments don't really matter but I've got to remember to not go partying the night before the GTs.


  1. Ah so it was that type of party you went to...

    I was your first opponent and as a quick run down:

    - It was night fight on the first turn in a KP mission.
    - You hide everything behind your Mononliths and Deceiver. As it was night fight and I couldn't see very far so I targeted the Deciever with missile pods and gave him 3 wounds.
    - On your first turn you tried to hide the deciever behind a mononlith but rolled a 1 and immobilized it. Deceiver runs forward as it can't get into cover.
    - Destoyers can't kill my lone Pirahana
    -My turn two- The Good Monolith dies to Broadsides, Deceiver,and all destroyers except one die
    - Tau Crisis suits win combat twice versus the Scarabs and the Necron's phase out by turn 4.

    Better luck next time but the party sounds like it was worth it 8D


  2. Ah okay, now that you mention the things I can remember them. The crucial mistake I made was spreading out my warriors too much and allowing you to kill one squad so I couldn't WBB.

    Thanks Lee. :D

  3. Ouch, playing with a hangover sucks lol.

  4. If you want to play in larger events then get used to not getting much sleep. I tend to catnap versus players who are obviously slow playing. It works for me.

    Anyways it sounds like it was one heck of a party & there will always be more tournaments so good on ya bro. Tau can be a tough matchup for Necrons. They have all the right tools plus the big D is not that much of an asset versus rolly Polly fisheads.