Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Conquest GT Round 4 Battle Report: Nurgle Marines vs Necrons

Sup readers!

This is game four of the Conquest GT, against Wesley Cogdal. He came up from the Seattle area along with a few friends. His army was beautifully painted (he had the highest appearance score as well), and he does commission painting. His site is Stiff Neck Studios so if you live in the Northwest and want a pro-painted army you should check it out.

The game was played almost two months ago, so my memory is very faded. Therefore this will be mostly pictures but I will try to describe what's going on.

Each segment will describe the picture above it.

Wesley's list:
- 2 Nurgle DP's with warptime and wings
- Greater Daemon
- 3 Plague Marine Squads w/ Meltas, Icons, fist champs
- 2 lesser daemon squads
- 2x2 oblits (nurgle drones in the pics)
- Defiler

My list:
- Deceiver
- 2x 5 Immortals
- 2x 10 Warriors
- 2x 3 Destroyers
- 10 Scarab Swarms
- 2 Monoliths
- 3 Tomb Spyders

Deployment was pitched battle.

So the mission was sieze ground with 3 objectives. One was in the centre, one was in my deployment zone in a bunker on the far right, and one was in a bunker on the far left side of his DZ. Wesley got first turn.

This is his deployment.

Here's my deployment. One immortal squad is in the green bunker on the left, and one warrior squad is in the grey bunker on the right with the objective.

Turn 1
He moves forward, popping smoke. He killed 2 destroyers as well.

I shoot at things (can't remember much).

Turn 2
The greater daemon comes into play. He moves forward again, assaulting the Deceiver with a Daemon Prince.

They put two wounds on each other, tying combat (Deceiver is not fighting like he should be).

He killed the other immortal so they WBB into this squad because of the Tomb Spyders nearby. Meanwhile, the summoned Greater Daemon and his other Daemon Prince join the Deceiver combat.

The Immortals stand silently against the incoming Plague Marines.

Turn 3

An overview of the left half of the battle. On turn 2 I popped his middle rhino, and I moved my Monolith to contest the centre objective.

I move my Tomb Spyder and Monolith to block incoming forces from getting to the objective. The Deceiver began to get his act together and has now killed both Daemon Princes and is working on the Summoned Greater Daemon.

Turn 4

He gets his other Lesser Daemon unit in, while his dudes fire meltas from the rhino. It doesn't look like it but he would've been out of assault range if he had gotten out. The lesser Daemons assault my Immortals and they draw combat. The Deceiver kills the Greater Daemon and escapes with one wound left.

In my turn, the Deceiver kills the rhino near my objective, and I kill some Marines in shooting.

Turn 5

My Immortals kick some Lesser Daemon ass.

His Lesser Daemons were able to kill both my Tomb Spyders (wtf?) and prepare to take my objective along with his Defiler and a single surviving Plague Marine.

Bottom of turn 5: I turbo-boost my Scarabs to contest his objective next turn. At this point we each hold an objective and the middle one is contested.

We roll and the game continues.

Turn 6
He blows up BOTH Monoliths with Lascannons and then assaults my warriors on the objective.

I try to salvage a tie by moving my Scarabs and Destroyers to contest the objectives, and I can't recall the details but obviously I was unable to get them because I ended up losing the game.

Post Game
In retrospect I should have deployed both of my warrior squads close to my objective, rather than just one. This would have given me an extra turn of bubblewrap on that objective. Aside from that there wasn't a lot I can do when both of my Monoliths get killed on the last turn of the game.

The Deceiver killed 2 Daemon Princes, the Summoned Greater Daemon, and a Rhino for a total of 548 points worth of dead models when you include the Plague Marine Champion sacrificed to get the Greater Daemon onto the table.

It was a close, fun game and I gave Wesley my favourite opponent vote. He went on to win Best Overall.

Anyways, this was my first picture battle report so I hope you enjoyed it. I realize now that I should do more table overview pictures and less close-up action shots. Will consider that next time I take pictures for a battle report. : )


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