Sunday, September 12, 2010

The lulz of the Interwebz

Just want to point out a few things that entertained me.

So I was checking out YTTH today and I saw this post by Auretious Taak. Now I have said it before and I'll say it again: I believe this guy snorts crack before he writes his posts. You can judge for yourself.

Then Stelek responds with this post. I have always enjoyed Stelek's verbal curbstompings but I have to say this is my favourite one of all time. He wasn't extremely vicious in this one, so I guess I liked it partially because he misunderstood Taak's post and partially because I've always wanted Taak to get owned like that.

Kirby was sorta caught in the crossfire of this drama and it's unfortunate because I think he's a pretty cool guy and I like what he's done with 3++. Especially the chat feature, though it needs the name max character limit to be one higher--otherwise I will be known as MorbidlyObeseMonke on it. lol

tl;dr don't let Auretious Taak post on your blog unless he gets clean.

I also enjoyed this bit of drama. Flagfail is involved.


  1. Taak just seems like he is really way out there in the ozone layer or even deep orbit circling the globe. He is one of those guys who has been supporting Stelek since wAy back when so I was kind of surprised to see Stelek snipe him but to be honest Taak had it coming for a long time. Taak's Legion of the Damned army list article was just plain stupid in my mind... He posted up a crap list with no explanation whatsoever to support it / just seems like trollbait to me.


  2. <3 MoM.

    That chat will be the death of me I imagine.