Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Necron Tactica Incoming

I'm currently working on an all-encompassing Necron tactica. It's not going to be about what you should take in your list or stuff like that, but rather it's just how I play my Necron army. I'm planning on it being 7 parts, laid out like this:

Part I: General Ideas & Strategies
Part II: Against Shooty Armies
Part III: Against Assault Armies
Part IV: Annihilation Strategy
Part V: Seize Ground Strategy
Part VI: Capture and Control Strategy
Part VII: Dawn of War

The reason why I'm doing Dawn of War but not the other deployment types is because DoW is played totally differently from the other two deployments. So the entire tactica is pretty much centered around Pitched Battle and Spearhead and then the last post will describe how the game differs in DoW.

Again, I have been quite busy lately so it might take me a long time to write this up, but I promise it will be done.


  1. Sounds like a good idea. Always good to hear another 'Cron player's thoughts. Especially since it doesn't look like a new Codex is inbound anytime this year.

  2. Sound like a good idea to me!

    Any chance you could do a 'beat necrons 101' by say... tomorrow??? ;)