Sunday, April 18, 2010

Necrons Introduction

Behold, part one of my "how I play Necrons" tactica. I hope there are some Necron players out there reading this because I feel the army is underrated and I have seen lots of Necron players struggling because they don't know the basics of the army.

In case anyone missed it, here's my 1750 list:

-10 Warriors
-10 Warriors
-5 Destroyers
-5 Destroyers
-10 Scarab Swarms

It can be changed to go up in points, but it's very difficult to go down. It works best at 1750 though.

The Necron codex is very old, and it was designed for a different type of game. 5th edition nerfed glancing hits which was previously the main way for Necrons to hunt vehicles. So with that in mind, vehicle hunting is made more difficult with Necrons but they can still be very good at it. Foot armies actually give me more trouble than mech armies.

A quick look through the Necron will show you that the codex as a whole is overcosted. IMO there are precisely three units in the army that are priced about right: Deceiver, Tomb Spyders, and Monoliths. There is one unit that is in fact undercosted and that is Scarabs. Look at equivalent units from other codices such as Rippers and it is really no contest. In fact I would go so far as to say Scarabs are the best bubblewrap unit in the game and I intend to go into that in detail later.

The rest of the units in the book are overcosted. There are, of course, varying degrees of overcostedness. Destroyers and Immortals are tolerable, while Wraiths are just ludicrous. But we have to make due with what we've got. Having an army with such a low model count has a few perks though. You will always have room to spread out your models (making blasts less efficient), or alternatively you can castle them up in a corner.

The Monolith is a very unique vehicle. It is nigh invincible against a lot of armies because a lot of people rely entirely on Meltaguns. Combine this with its huge footprint and LOS-blocking ability and you have a powerhouse that will protect your models from both assault and shooting. The portal is also very handy and I could write pages about it alone.

Essentially, my Necron army works by baiting my opponent into trying to Phase Out my 'Crons, and ignoring the objectives. Then I go to work glancing their vehicles and killing a few things here and there with the Monoliths. Meanwhile, the Deceiver goes to town in CC and by the time my opponent realizes they can't phase me out, it's too late. This also reveals something about how to beat Necrons. When you face Necrons, especially in a Massacre/Major/Minor tournament, the instinctual response is to go for Phase Out. Against a good player this generally isn't smart. As the interwebz always says: play the mission, not the man.

Next up, Part II: Necrons vs Shooty Armies


  1. That's very interesting. I don't rate C'tan and Monos at all just because they aren't Necrons and don't do much to slow down mech. Obviously they work for you, so I'm looking forward to any insights you can share.

  2. I totally agree that 5th edition nerfed Necrons abilities to wreck vehicles. Previously they could get a lucky glance, but not any more. HOwever in your list you don't have a lot which can take vehicles. The Deceiver is just one unit, which cannot join others and the Monos may scatter. This leaves the Destroyers which can only glance armour 12.

    Unfortunately a lot of units in the Necron codex are over costed and I cannot wait until they do a new one, which will be my last army.

    Though what you said about Monoliths is partly true, have you factored in that out of your 1750 army that about 910 is none Necrons! That's easy phase out. Take out the Destroyers and probably one and half unit of Warriors and that's it.

    Interesting read though :)

  3. "which will be my last army."

    Haha, you say that now... :D

    Anti-mech does not mean you have to kill vehicles though. Often you just have to stop them from shooting and Necrons are great at that (auto-glance on a 6).

    The Particle whip is actually one of the best anti-tank weapons in the game. People get too hung up on scatter but really it's not that bad. STR9 Ordnance is actually better than STR10 for anything not AV14, and the Particle whip is mounted so high up that vehicles rarely get cover. The only alternative to the Monolith is Heavy Destroyers, and they get killed so easily it's not worth taking them. The Monolith will be shooting all game but the HDs will be shooting for one turn.

    About Phase Out, it's a myth that having more Necron models prevents Phase Out. It's actually very difficult to Phase Out a good player and for the most part it's a better strategy to just play the mission. Proper tactics (keep the warriors spread out and in cover) can keep your guys alive for a long time. Necrons are also extremely resilient. 3+ armor and then 4+ WBB is as survivable as a Terminator. More on this to come.

  4. My Heavy Destroyers would be awesome if they could hit anything, since unlike yours they survive most of the game.

    However, those guys are all 1's and 2's for me in EVERY GODDAMN GAME I've played with my necrons.

  5. One problem with your list: ATM Necron Lords are mandatory.

  6. This blog is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the specialized Necron Tactica as I am going to start a Necron army (my first WH army). I tend to trust the roumors which whisper there will be a new codex for the machine warriors soon - with cool new units.
    Another good reason for me is the challenge of founding an all-plastic-army full of warriors and destroyers. If u don't know: there are stories about a plastic "Necromancer" out there - a monstrous Necron creature and in addition new plastic tomb spiders. I'm also planning my own C'tan (if possible also plastic).
    It's amazing to recognize people not playing ANOTHER SM army, cause its too much in my opinion and having success.
    Sorry for the mistakes - I'm from Germany =)
    Keep it up guys!