Saturday, March 27, 2010

Battle Missions Tournament Game 1

In the morning, I decided I'm just going to take one list and use it for all three games. The games were played on 4x4 tables. I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures unfortunately. This was my list:

- Deceiver
- 10 Warriors
- 10 Warriors
- 5 Destroyers
- 8 Scarab Swarms
- Monolith

My round one opponent was Ray, with Chaos Space Marines. He had:

- Slaanesh Daemon Prince w/ Wings, no Lash
- 10 Chaos Space Marines w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist
- 10 Chaos Space Marines w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Pistol, Meltagun, Power Weapon
- 8 Noise Marines w/ Asp. Champ w/ Power Weapon, heavy weapon + Rhino
- Defiler
- 3 Obliterators

This round, my opponent got to choose which mission we played. He chose Black Crusade (I think that's what it's called). It's pitched battle with 15" deep deployment zones, and the mission is Kill Points. Any non-vehicle unit goes back into reserve when it is killed. My opponent got first turn.

All positions are from my perspective. He deployed his oblits and defiler on the right, the CSM squad with the fist in the middle. His rhino and Daemon Prince lined up forward on the far left of the board, with his CSM squad behind them.

I deployed my Monolith in the centre, as far forward as possible. C'tan to the left of it, and scarabs behind. Destroyers were on my table edge to the left, and my warriors spread out on the right, one squad in front of the other.

Turn 1
He moved everything forward. Shooting was ineffective.

I turbo-boosted my Scarabs in front of my destroyers. C'tan moved toward the Daemon Prince, but it would be out of charge range. My monolith scattered off his rhino, and my destroyers took two wounds off the DP. Warriors killed a CSM.

Turn 2
He moves everything forward again. Shooting takes a wound off the Deceiver. He charges his DP into my deceiver and gets roflpwned.

I turbo my scarabs into the midfield. In shooting I destroy his rhino and 3 Noise Marines. I charge the Deceiver into his Noise marines and kill three, and the last two fail their No Retreat saves.

Kill Points: 3-0 for me.

Turn 3
Once again he moves everything forward. His Noise Marine squad comes in on the right-middle of the table. Shooting does nothing noteworthy.

I line up my scarabs in a wall in front of his oblits, defiler and CSMs. Monolith goes beside them to extend the wall. Shooting reduces his oblit squad to one model, and his right CSM squad to three without the PF champ. Big D charges into his left CSM squad, killing a couple but they stay tied up.

Kill Points: 3-0 for me.

Turn 4
His DP comes in on the left for round II with the Deceiver. The defiler and CSMs are blocked by my Scarabs. Shooting is once again rather useless, so he charges his CSM squad into my scarabs. He kills a couple and they stay tied up. Deceiver leaves combat.

I kill the last obliterator, rest of my shooting whiffs. Deceiver charges into his Daemon Prince and takes off three wounds. My scarabs remained tied up with his CSMs.

Kill Points: 4-0

Turn 5
His oblits come on in the centre. Shooting does nothing noteworthy, so my Deciever takes out the DP in CC.

My shooting also does nothing, but in the assault my scarabs took out his last CSM.

Kill Points: 6-0

Game ends.

This game was totally one-sided. Not much input I can add. But don't worry, my next two games are VERY close and exciting, so keep reading.

Next game: Cory and his Chaos Daemons.


  1. The silliness of the mission aside (my SW would love it), what was up with that?

    Take no AT or vehicles outside of a single unit for each, charge a DP into the S9 T8 monster that ignores armor and invul saves, and not going after the real targets (Warriors, Destroyers).

    Looking forward to the rest.

  2. Yeah, he made some bad mistakes. However, my next two games were really close and with skilled opponents.

  3. The wargear on the troop choices is a bit messed up.